Residential Electrical Panels—Signs You Need To Replace Them

One of the more important components in your home from an electrical standpoint is the electrical panel. It's the metal box that holds all the circuit breakers. If any of these signs are present with it, then you'll probably want to replace said panel with a new system.

Performance Falls Short All the Time

You may have an electrical panel that doesn't perform great anymore. Maybe circuit breakers trip all the time or you can actually feel the panel getting too hard because it's overloaded.

If any of these performance issues are chronic, then it's probably a good idea to find a new electrical panel. Then you can get consistently great performance and thus not have to worry about this component in your home anymore. You know the panel will do its job the way it's supposed to for the foreseeable future. 

Outlets Shock You

If you touch outlets in your home and they give you shocks, even minor ones, then something could be wrong with the electrical panel. It could be really dated or have a faulty design. In either case, you'll want to respond with a panel replacement.

This is the best way to restore safe panel performance again on your property. You'll be able to use outlets in your home and not have to worry about getting shocked, which is key if you have children in the house still. You'll just need to choose the right electrical panel for your property in the beginning so that you get optimal and safe use out of it long-term.

Panel Has Severe Structural Damage

Sometimes, homeowners have electrical panels with structural damage. Maybe the breakers aren't in the best condition or there are dents and scratches all over the front portion.

If structural damage affects the performance of said panel system, then it's probably a good idea to find a replacement. This way, you don't put yourself at risk when you go to manage circuit breakers.

You may not be able to repair the structural damage, but at least you can find a replacement panel that's in perfect condition and then have it installed by an electrician. 

Residential electrical panels may suffer problems that then warrant replacements. If you believe this is the case for your panel system, it's a good idea to verify with an inspection and potentially help from an electrician. Then you can be sure this panel needs to be swapped out for something new.  

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