Why Install A Rooftop HVAC System On Your Factory?

If you want to install a new HVAC system in your factory, then you don't have to put it inside the building. If you have a suitable roof, then you can install a rooftop system.

Here, you can put one or more weatherproofed and pre-packaged HVAC units on your roof. They then connect to your internal system to provide heating or cooling in your factory.

What are the benefits of using rooftop HVAC systems?

Easy Installation

Installing a new HVAC system in a commercial building isn't always a simple process. You have to find space for all its component parts. You might have to build the system piece by piece. This can take time.

Rooftop units come in a pre-packaged and pre-built format. Each unit contains the main components of an HVAC system such as its condenser, compressor, blower, and evaporator.

So, you don't have to put these components in place; they are all included in the unit. You simply have to install the unit and connect it to parts inside your facility to carry and vent your heated or cooled air. Your installation will be easier and faster.

No Space Constraints

If you're installing a new HVAC system, then you might not have enough room in the right places to build the most efficient system. While you can run ductwork at a height, you need to site the parts that run the system in more accessible places.

You might not have space to put your control units in your factory. You might have to move things around and lose equipment or machines to make room for your HVAC parts. You might have to compromise and buy a smaller HVAC system to fit the space you do have.

Space isn't a problem if you install a rooftop system. The parts of the system which need the most room sit on your roof. This is unused space, so you won't have to lose interior space.

Zonal Options

You won't necessarily need the same levels of cooling and heating all over your factory. You might want to put zonal controls in place. You can then set temperatures and coverage according to your space needs. For example, you can keep storage areas cool and working areas warm.

Rooftop units make it easy to set zonal controls. You simply install a unit on your roof for each zone. You get cost-effective and efficient heating and cooling all over your factory without wasting energy.

For more advice, contact industrial HVAC systems contractors and ask about their rooftop options.