Hire An Electrician To Make Strategic Living Room Improvements

After analyzing where your family spends the most time, you may conclude that the living room gets the most overall use. As a result, you might want to change and improve the room to make it a better place for your family to spend time. While you could hire remodelers to work on various projects, you can also narrow the scope and hire an electrician to enjoy positive results.

Motorized Blinds

Window treatments are useful because they provide a way to block the sun or gain privacy at any time. However, you might want greater control and flexibility with your window treatments. An electrician can install motorized blinds and connect them in a way that you can control all of them at once. This will make it fast and easy to change the living room setup.

Some motorized blinds rely on a physical controller to adjust the settings. But you can also find smart models that allow you to control the settings with any smart device.


Adding a chandelier is worth considering because it can provide lighting and visual appeal. This feature goes well in the center of the room, where you likely have a couch and coffee table setup. You can use a chandelier to light up the room for socializing and board games.

When you want this addition to function as the room's centerpiece, you can prioritize a design that your family loves and can stand out easily. A living room with attractive furniture and decorations will likely require a large and intricate chandelier to become the focal piece.

A major benefit of working with an electrician to install a chandelier is that they can ensure it hangs down at an ideal height. When a chandelier hangs too high, you may not get the intended impact in terms of lighting and visual appeal. Another potential concern is hanging too low, which can become a hazard for any tall person walking around the living room.


Another candidate for the living room's focal point is an electric fireplace. While a homeowner can enjoy this feature in any climate, you may love its functionality in a climate that gets all four seasons. An electric fireplace can provide ample warmth during cold autumn and winter days.

Some important considerations include the design, size, location, and heating capabilities. An oversized fireplace is an excellent investment for a huge living room when you want to generate enough warmth from the feature to warm up the entire room comfortably.

Hire an electrician for these projects to improve your living room strategically. For more information, contact a company like Etheridge Electric Company Inc.