Signs The Electrical Switchboard Needs Repairs

Electrical problems like replacing a faulty bulb might be simple to handle, even if you aren't an electrical pro. But, this may not be the case when you have a faulty electrical switchboard. This device is complex as it consists of many components and connections which work hand in hand to break down current into tiny circuits. The circuits get distributed in various areas like the bedroom, living room, kitchen, and garage.

Seasoned electricians can handle various electrical repair jobs, including a malfunctioning switchboard. So, how do you know your electrical switchboard needs immediate repairs? Read on to know the major signs of a malfunction.

Flickering Lights

If your lights are constantly blinking, you should call the electrician to check on the switchboard. The switchboard is designed to stabilize your property's electrical distribution and boost safety. 

However, if the lights start to flicker, even after changing the bulbs, it will mean something is wrong with the switchboard. The chances are that it has sustained some damages, preventing the unit from handling your appliance and light power demand.

Tripping Circuit Breakers

When installing an electrical system, it's mandatory to include a circuit breaker. This component deals with power spikes and overloads, ensuring that the electrical system doesn't get affected. But, if the circuit breaker trips abnormally, consider calling an electrician to check on the condition of the switchboard. Maybe the electric panel is damaged and cannot manage the power demand to the tiny circuits. This could be the cause of the frequent tripping.

Burning Smell

Another sign that you need to repair the switchboard is a burning odor. A burning smell around the panel may be dangerous because it signifies that the cables have deteriorated or have faulty wiring. The issue may also occur if the components are overloaded. So, get an electrician to fix the problem immediately to avoid damaging other electrical components. This measure will also ensure your property isn't subjected to a fire risk.

Old Panel Design

If your home was constructed several decades ago and the switchboard hasn't been changed, there's a chance it doesn't function optimally. The old switchboard will burden your system unnecessarily, leading to various electrical issues. An ideal way out is to upgrade the switchboard as soon as possible. Getting the latest alternatives will not only ensure your electrical system functions efficiently but also promote safety.

Besides, if your house is insured and the old switchboard malfunctions or causes an electric fire, your insurance company may penalize you. So, update the panel to ensure the insurance cover remains valid.

For help with switchboard repairs in your home, contact an electrical contractor in your area.