5 Electrical Repairs You Might Need After Moving Into A New Office

When moving into an existing office, you might need electrical repair solutions to ensure your premises can support your activities. Inspecting the electrical system should be a priority because it is key to continued business operations. It is also prudent to ensure it doesn't pose a fire hazard and meets the code. Here are some electrical repairs you might need after moving into a new office.

1. Oversized Breakers or Fuses 

The first step is to check your main breaker or fuse box. If you see any breakers larger than the others, or if any fuses appear to be melted or damaged, you'll need to have an electrician come out and take a look. 

Breakers and fuses are essential to safety, and damaged ones should be replaced urgently. In any case, the electrical system won't function with blown fuses or faulty breakers.

2. Corrosion on the Electrical Panel

One of the most crucial electrical repairs you might need after moving into a new office is corrosion on the electrical panel. This can happen when the wires in the panel are not properly protected from the elements, causing them to corrode and break down over time. 

If you notice any corrosion on your electrical panel, it's important to have it repaired as soon as possible to avoid any potential hazards.

3. Missing or Bad Handle Ties

Another common issue with commercial electrical systems is missing or bad handle ties. If they're missing or damaged, it can cause a serious safety hazard. The electrical solutions service will install missing ties and replace the faulty ones. 

4. Double Taps 

Double tapping on an electrical panel is connecting several wires to the same plug. This problem is usually seen when a panel is too small to support more circuits, and the only solution is to tap into the plugs already in use. This practice is common but prohibited by the electrical safety code. The long-term solution is to replace the electrical panel with a larger one to support your expanding solutions. 

5. Underpowered Electrical Panel 

You will have frequent tripping circuit breakers when the electrical panel is underpowered. This will greatly hinder your business operations if you run high-power demand equipment, tools, or appliances. The long-term solution is to upgrade the electrical panel. 

You might need many electrical repairs after moving into a new office. From fixing panel problems to installing surge protectors and wire management solutions, there is no shortage of things to do. Call an electrical repair solutions service to inspect the electrical system in your new office and do the necessary repairs.