How To Prepare For An Electrical Outage Restoration At A Commercial Property

The restoration of electrical systems after an outage at a commercial property is critical for nearly every kind of business. Electrical outage restoration for commercial properties should follow a clear process. If you want to improve your company's odds of getting facilities back in operation ASAP, follow these tips.

Find a Contractor Before You Need One

Outages often hit multiple parts of a region at once, and that can make restoration efforts a challenge if you're dealing with them on the fly. Even if the electrical outage ends up isolated to your locations, it can still entail a lot of work. Consequently, you want to have a relationship with a contracting firm before you need it.

Contact companies and ask them for consultations. Discuss the extent of your potential needs and the types of systems you operate. You want to not only find an electrical contracting company that's available but one that can handle your location's specific types of systems. Put a contract in place so you have some assurance your work will get done quickly in case of a large outage, too.

Conduct a Location Audit

You need to audit every electrical system in anticipation of electrical outage repair for business properties you run. Develop an itemized list of the potential replacement parts the systems may require. Whenever practicable, try to store these components so you'll have spares available in case of an outage.

Have a Plan and Set Priorities

When the time comes for electrical outage restoration for commercial properties at your facilities, you need to have a plan. Know what the critical systems are. If you have systems that have to come back online before you can even consider restoring others, identify them so you can prioritize the work.

Develop the plan into a printed set of documents. If there is any confusion about what comes first, your team members and the electrical contractors should be able to quickly reference checklists. These should outline which systems to restore and in what order.


When you enter a contract with an electrical repair company, make sure you can communicate with them. Keep a list of contacts so members of your team can quickly reach out to the contractors whenever there is a need. Update the contact list at least once a year.

Similarly, make sure the folks at the contracting firm have a detailed list of who to contact at your business. If they have a question about a system, they should be able to get an informed answer within minutes, not hours.

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