Residential Electrical Services: 3 Risks Of DIY Fridge Setup

When the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the globe, homeowners embraced DIY home improvement projects to pass the time. The longer the quarantine period got extended, the more DIY home projects became popular. In fact, some homeowners stopped enlisting professional services and followed DIY tutorials to fix issues around their homes instead.

While pulling off simple home improvements is fulfilling, it's crucial to acknowledge that there is a limit to the intricacy of projects you can handle without a professional's guidance. So, if you've just purchased a new fridge and are considering setting it up alone, you should think twice about this approach and reach out to residential electrical services instead. Here are three risks of DIY fridge setup you would avoid if you hand over this project to your electrician.

Appliance Damage

The greatest risk associated with DIY fridge setup is appliance damage. While setting up your refrigerator might seem as straightforward as plugging the appliance into the power outlet, a lot more goes on before you can safely connect it to the power source. For starters, your electrician has to ascertain that your electrical system can support your new appliance's energy consumption. If not, they'll have to redo your home's wiring bearing your fridge's voltage consumption in mind.

The electrician would also have to thoroughly inspect the wiring system to identify and address potential electrical hazards that could damage your fridge. This way, you don't have to deal with recurring electrical damage in the days to come. If you go the DIY way, you will likely bypass all these procedures, predisposing your new appliance to damage.


Since your fridge is an electrical appliance, it has the potential to electrocute you if you don't connect it properly to the power source. Depending on how badly misconnected the fridge is, the electrocution could land you in an emergency room. To keep your family safe, you should let your local electrician set up your refrigerator.

Aside from wearing protective gear, the technician will follow electrical safety protocols throughout the installation to minimize any possibility of electrocution. What's more, they'll troubleshoot the appliance after setting it up before giving you the go-ahead to start using it. Thus, you never have to worry about the appliance endangering your life.

Improper Connection

Lastly, allowing your residential electrician to set up your fridge ensures it's not improperly connected. Before plugging into the power source, the technician will check to make sure the power outlet is customized to the appliance. This way, power surges won't cause any electrical damage to your appliance.

If you've recently purchased a new refrigerator, this is your cue to call residential electrical service to set it up.