How An Electrical Estimate Is Prepared

Residential electrical work that requires the installation of new electrical wires, circuit breakers, and outlets will require a project estimate that is furnished by a contractor. A contractor's duty is to review building plans and calculate costs that are associated with materials and labor services.

The Initial Phase

An electrical estimate is not a concise amount that a homeowner will be responsible for paying. An estimate is a ballpark guess at what a client will be required to pay. The electrical costs can be charged separately or can be included in the overall cost of a construction project. First, a contractor will look over the architectural drawings for a new construction project.

Although there may be plumbing, HVAC components, and building materials outlined in the drawings, an electrician may need to see the layout of these items. Knowing where other materials will be placed within a new residence will help an electrical contractor determine where to place wiring and other electrical components. A homeowner is privy to reviewing the drawings that relate to the new construction. All of the plans will be finalized prior to the construction beginning.

The Costs

An electrical contractor may charge an hourly rate or a project rate. The costs that are included in an estimate will outline how much the electrical materials will cost and how much the labor will cost. The estimate does not necessarily mean that a contractor will be hired for a job. If the homeowner approves the estimate, they may decide to have the work performed. An electrician may provide a client with a quote.

A quote is the exact amount of money that will be charged for electrical work. If a quote is not furnished before construction takes place and a client has already approved of an estimate, there may be variables that will increase or decrease the amount that the contractor first furnished.

For instance, if there is going to be difficulty running wires throughout a home and some extensive work will need to be conducted during an installation, additional electrical supplies that will be utilized may drive up the cost of the services that an electrical contractor provides. Any changes in the plans will be addressed prior to continuing with the electrical project. Once the electrical work has been completed in its entirety, a contractor will check all of the wiring and other electrical components to determine if they were installed properly. 

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