Four Faults That Need Lighting System Repair

Do bulbs in your house keep blowing even after several changes? It could be a greater problem needing more than just a bulb change. Home lighting systems rarely have problems. But they can become faulty due to the home's electrical circuit, especially when there are surges or power fluctuations. For example, you might load a kitchen appliance and see the lights dim. Sometimes you need a comprehensive diagnosis to do the right light system repair. What are some of the common faults with lighting systems? 

1. Flickering Lights and Blowouts 

When you flip a switch and the lights dim, it could be a bulb problem. In some cases, the flickering lights are just due to loose connections or dirty contacts in your home's electrical wiring. But sometimes, it's a sign of a bigger problem with the home's electrical circuit. 

Sometimes, your lights may dim when you switch on a large appliance like a refrigerator or air conditioner. This is normal because some appliances have capacitors. But when there are two or more light switches in your home, dimming lights is a sign of a bigger problem with the power load distribution.

If you notice that lights in one part of your house are flickering while lights in other parts are not, it's a sign that a surge or power fluctuation has occurred. Sometimes, surges can travel through your home wiring and damage the bulbs. When this happens, it's time to call an electrician for lighting system repair. 

2. Tripping Circuit Breakers   

A tripped circuit breaker when lights go on shows a bigger problem with your home's electrical wiring. It can be caused by a short circuit, overloading, or faulty wiring in your home's electrical system. You should call an electrician to diagnose the source of the short circuit.  

3. Electrical Shocks   

Sometimes you will feel electrical shocks coming from bulb holders. These shocks may come from exposed wiring, degraded insulation, or faulty electrical grounding. Some older homes lack GFCIs, which cut off power when there is a short circuit or power surge. You should call light repair services for help.  

4. Burning Smells   

When you smell an odor like burning plastic or rubber when you turn on the lights, it is a sign of excessive heating of the fixtures. It could be coming from excessive arcing or overloads. A short circuit will also cause this problem. If you feel a burning smell, switch off the lights and call an electrician. 

Are your home's lights behaving extraordinarily? Call an electrician like Conway Electric to diagnose and do any lighting system repair needed to restore proper function.