Reasons Why You Would Need A Residential Electrician To Check On Your Kitchen Exhaust Fan

While having an exhaust fan in your kitchen is not mandatory, this electrical appliance offers a world of convenience in a couple of ways. For starters, the exhaust fan functions to redirect all odors and emissions that will come about when you are cooking on the stove away from the kitchen. From smoke to water vapor and even food aromas, all these lingering smells can be removed, leaving your kitchen, and subsequently your home, smelling fresh. Secondly, the exhaust fan is also tasked with regulating the moisture levels in the kitchen by eliminating steam before it circulates with your indoor air, which helps to keep the kitchen dry. Nevertheless, not many homeowners pay much attention to their exhaust fan until it starts to malfunction. So what could be the underlying problem?  Below are a couple of reasons why you would need a residential electrician to check on your kitchen exhaust fan.

The kitchen exhaust fan's wiring is defective

Certainly, exhaust fans primarily employed for kitchen applications are designed with durability in mind. However, their placement right above the stove means they are continuously exposed to direct heat. With time, the wiring could succumb to the increased temperatures and start to melt. Another form of damage that the wiring is prone to developing is unraveling, which occurs when the ends of the wires start to come apart due to the heat. So once you notice that the exhaust fan is experiencing problems with power, you must turn it off directly from the power source and call a residential electrician. The residential electrical contractor will carry out a comprehensive assessment of all the wiring and replace all defective sections. They can also insulate the new wiring to ensure that it is not vulnerable to premature heat damage. 

The kitchen exhaust fan's motor is compromised

When you turn on your kitchen's exhaust fan, you should hear a low but non-disruptive hum while it is working. The moment that you catch strange noises coming from this electrical appliance, you need to hire a residential electrician urgently so that they can determine the cause of weird sounds. Considering that the motor is the main component that will emit the humming sound you hear when the exhaust fan is on, it is also likely the source of bizarre noises. In some cases, thorough cleaning to eliminate grease can restore the functioning of the motor, whereas in others, the motor may need repairs to address physical damages to this component.