4 Signs That It Is Time To Call The Commercial Electrician

Thousands of house fires happen annually caused by electrical faults. A significant number of people also die or sustain injuries from electrocution. It is vital to keep your electrical systems running efficiently. Besides safety, functional electrical systems reduce your power bills, preserve the life of your appliances and optimize comfort in the building. It is advisable to always look for indicators that your electrical wiring has complications, and you need to see the commercial electrician. Here are the top four signs of trouble. 

Sudden and Frequent Blackouts

Nothing is more annoying than an electrical system that keeps shutting down when you are in the middle of your activities. If this keeps happening on your premises, it indicates that your power system might have a problem with the circuit breakers. If your building got wired a number of years ago, it might not meet your current power demand. The circuit breakers trip each time your appliances draw a current beyond the system capacity. Dripping could also point to a more dangerous fault in one or more circuits. You should call the electrician to assess the system and determine how to upgrade it.

Lights Fading and Flickering

Another sign that it is time for the electrician is when the lights keep flickering and waning. The problem could be a corroded fixture, or the light bulb might be too loose for the appliance. It could also be a result of underlying issues in the circuit. Only a licensed electrician can tell you whether the waning and flickering mean you need new bulbs or you should do a complete overhaul of your electrical system. 

Outlets are Overworked

The presence of countless wires stemming from one outlet and heading to different parts of the room indicates that you are overworking the outlet. When you attach several extension cords to the same power outlet, you draw too much current from it, and this could lead to arcing, sparks, and electrical fire. You should call an electrician to help you redesign the circuit and possibly install a new system. 

Outlets Don't Accept Three-prong Plugs

You should call an electrician to reconfigure your home if you cannot use prongs with the ground connection. The main problem is that your circuit might not be properly grounded, which is a fire hazard.

Consult a commercial electrician about these issues and get recommendations for suitable solutions for them. With their help, you will rectify weaknesses with your wiring and restore safety and efficiency in the working environment.