3 Ways Solar Panels Can Benefit You

Solar power is a versatile resource that can be used almost anywhere on the globe. Most homeowners already know about the environmental benefits of using solar panels. However, there are more reasons to consider solar power for your home than decreasing your carbon footprint. Here is a guide to three ways solar panels can benefit you.

1. Lower Energy Bills

Reducing monthly energy expenses is a big motivator for many homeowners who have chosen to switch to solar. Unlike some other energy-saving solutions, the cost benefits of solar panels begin as soon as they are installed since they start generating power immediately that you can use in your home.

The amount you save on heating and electricity each month with solar panels will vary depending on the size of the installation. Some homes have supplementary solar panels that are used in conjunction with traditional electric utility services, while others rely entirely on their solar panels. 

2. Minimal Maintenance Requirements

Most solar panels can provide 25 years of service at full efficiency on average while requiring virtually no maintenance from the homeowner. Solar panels rely on rainwater to remove dirt and debris that has built up on their surface, so you will rarely need to clean them. In the winter months, it may sometimes be necessary to clean snow mounds off your solar panels with a squeegee or warm water.

Large falling debris and heavy winds can sometimes damage solar panels and reduce their output. With a solar panel monitoring system, you can monitor the power output of your panels so that you know when to call a professional. Solar panels often have very long warranties, so you may be covered for the cost of professional repair and maintenance when needed.

3. Increased Home Value

Solar panels could be a benefit when you're ready to sell your home. One study found that homes with solar panels sell for 4.1 percent more on average than homes without solar panels. Potential homebuyers are often interested in clean, affordable energy and will pay a premium when solar is already installed in the home.

Solar panels have been around for a while, but they are still one of the most efficient and eco-friendly ways to power your home. If you're ready to enjoy the cost-savings and convenience of solar energy, a local solar power company can help you create the perfect green energy solution for your home.