4 Commercial Electrical Systems Problems For Electrical Contractors

Commercial electrical systems present more complexity than residential systems because they are expected to support tools and equipment of different power ratings. This complexity deserves specialized resources to maintain optimal performance in large commercial premises. An electrical contractor is best placed to maintain these systems. Also, remember that ‌electrical system performance in commercial premises impacts the productivity and profitability of the activities happening there. What are some of the problems for electricians in commercial buildings?

1. Fluctuations and Surges in Voltage and Power 

Fluctuations and surges in voltage and power can harm productivity in commercial buildings. The electrical systems are made to withstand a range of voltage and power. But sometimes, there are fluctuations and surges beyond this range. 

Fluctuation causes electrical machinery to stall, while surges can cause blowouts. Electrical contractors are helpful in changing the configurations at the main panel to reflect load changes, for example, after adding on new machinery.

2. Wiring Problems

Loose and exposed wires present a safety hazard, especially in traffic areas like hallways and stairways. Old wiring is also susceptible to electrical fires because of heat generation. Also, sometimes repairs and renovations of other building structures leave wiring unsecured. Electrical contractors can handle these issues so that ‌electrical systems are safe and reliable. 

3. Power Outlets Problems 

Power outlets for commercial buildings are designed to withstand a certain load level. If the load exceeds this level, it may cause problems such as tripping circuit breakers or even damage to electrical equipment. Loose and old outlets are also susceptible to sparking and smoking, which are fire hazards, especially in areas that hold flammable material. You need electrical repairs when you notice loose, unprotected, or exposed wires. 

4. Lighting Problems 

Lighting is an important aspect of commercial premises. It is not just a matter of aesthetics but also safety and security. Lighting should be properly maintained to avoid malfunctioning or even fire. Poor lighting can lower productivity because workers suffer from eye strain and fatigue. Old lighting is also inefficient in energy use and causes unnecessarily high power bills. 

Electrical contractors can redesign your commercial lighting to make it more useful to the people working with it. They can also upgrade the lighting to modern standards, install LEDs, and optimize energy use. An upgrade in lighting can also have an aesthetic impact and make the premises more pleasant for tenants and guests. 

Are you looking to upgrade your commercial premises' electrical systems? Talk to electrical contractors about optimizing ‌ performance to support productivity.